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2018 Expedition Max Limited
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I had no problem setting up my Wi-Fi hotspot the first time. This was the AT&T trial. After the trial, I added my Expedition to my Bell mobile shared data plan. Worked perfectly for a month or two.
For a couple of days, I can not use the hotspot anymore. When I try to connect to my car's hotspot from my Android phone or A Samsung tablet, an AT&T login page shows up, asking me for account credentials. Of course, I am not having an AT&T account, because I am with Bell.
When I attempt to create an account on AT&T, it shows me this vehicle is already registered and I am supposed to go to Bell website.
But on the Bell website, it shows my car correctly connected to the Bell account, and the Bell support chat has no clue what is going on.
Does someone made a similar experience? How can I use my hotspot again?
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