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2006 F150
SuperCrew Lariat with 6.5 box
FM 40 Muffler
Xtang Trifecta Cover
Weathertech Mats
Mudflaps and Visors waiting to be picked up

1996 F150
5.0L E4OD tranny
5.0 HO out an 86 Mustang
E7TE Heads
E303 Ford racing cam
Heddman Longtube headers wit 2 1/4" collectors
eliminated smog pump, AC, Belt tensioner
4 core aluminum rad with custom made rad hoses
Pistons with valve reliefs
275/60/15 tires all around
Westin Brush Gaurds
Mustang 5.0 Emblems
Chrysler High back Bucket Seats
Large rear Window Decal
Altezza tail lights
99 F150 center Console
Transgo Performance Shift Kit
Aftermarket Tach
K&N Filter
Eliminated cats
FloPro mufflers


Custom Burnt Chip Coming Soon!

1998 NASCAR special edition F-150
The truck came with NASCAR decals,Roush exhaust tips,NASCAR embroider in the headrest and the carpet floor mats.
My mods:
Checkmate hard tonnuea cover & carpet bed rug from Checker Products
Custom NASCAR style rear spoiler(Alumium)
Goodyear NASCAR Eagle #1
Keystone "Daytona" 16x8 wheels
Ground Force 3/4 lowering kit
K&N Intake system
Cat back stainless steel exhaust w/flowmaster muffler
Tinted windows
window vents
Ford racing steering wheel cover
Pioneer head unit
show sign
checkered tent
Painted smooth bed caps
Lightning front sway bar
Belltech rear sway bar
Optima Yellow Top Battery

just a couple days ago i got a

1996 Ranger
reg cab short box 2x4
2.3L 5spd
power brakes, thats it, oh wait, am/fm radio.
i guess you could say Armstrong steering is an option.......

the ultimate stripper truck, but, it should be cheap on gas, and the price was pretty reasonable. and its surprisingly clean for the miles on it

it'll do for a year or so,

thinking of a flowmaster, got one somewhere in teh shop, i was reading about a chip and cam for it.
sirius radio for sure, otherwise, just gonna drive it

So I finally got my torquemonster headers today

Saturday they get installed, then I will post pics of the truck and if you lucky a vid with the engine

They were 598US, I got a 200 dollar discount for being a member at explorerX, only reason is to get the discount, and don't worry about the pics. On saturday I'll be removing the cab again and rigging these up good. Then start her up with my home made plywood jerry rigged firewall which will end up on youtube for all you's to hear the rumble of hte small blcok ford...damn I'm excited...been waiting since holloween for these headers.


Okay, so I installed them this morning but have run into a few drags along the way. First one, drivers side hitting firewall so I braught the engine forward to fix that. Second, passenger sie hitting the heating box which I still have not resolved. Here are some pics.

Passenger side airial shot

Heater box distance

Driver Side Airial

Firewall on drivers side

Drivers Side

Passenger side
Any ideas on how to resolve these issues. My first and only thought is to bring the engine up another 1/2 inch and move is more towards the drives side another half inch. I'd have to remake some mounts for that but thats the price you gotta pay. Any other ideas would be great.

not too many ides here. My question is how is your tranny gonna sit? Will everythiing still line up ok without any interference. And with that being said how about the driveshaft?


Tranny sits in pretty much the stock location but I'm gonna move the cross member forward a bit for that and driveshaft I haven't gotten that far yet I'm still trying to get the engine located.
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