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Texas Could Be Interesting

Next race for Chevy engine at Texas UPDATE six teams at Texas: Richard Childress Racing likely won't attempt to run the new Chevrolet engine until next month at Texas. #33-Scott Wimmer failed to qualify using that motor at Atlanta last week. The team plans an endurance test of at least 500 miles on the engine at Kentucky Speedway before Texas.
UPDATE: #25-Casey Mears will be one of at least six Chevrolets with the new Chevrolet R07 engine, which was in #33-Scott Wimmer's Richard Childress Racing car that failed to qualify at Atlanta Motor Speedway last month. Mears and Hendrick Motorsports teammate #5-Kyle Busch, along with all three Joe Gibbs Racing [#20-Tony Stewart, #11-Denny Hamlin, #18-J.J. Yeley] cars and Wimmer (in a fourth RCR car) will have the new engine for the race weekend. #24-Jeff Gordon tested the engine during a tire test at Darlington last month, where Gordon ran 500 laps with no issues. The new engine is designed to use more modern parts and be more durable. It also has a different plumbing system. As far as horsepower, it is believed that the potential is for more.

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I heard about this, scary untested motor. Could be good weekend for Gibbs or really bad weekend for Gibbs
So with Qualifying officially cancelled everybody's in on points and provisionals. Waltrip sits once again!


Mikey was last in practice..god I'm so glad I dumped
well let me tell you how much that sucks when your #1 pick is Tony and #2 is Jimmie....43 cars in the field...hows does my #1 take out my #2....:no:

stupid nascar :sad:
I think your number 1 had help from the columbian!

How about junior driving the 5 car cause the shrub left the track.
I had an ok week. Drivers finished 3,8,10,16,34,43


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