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late last nite a member of our board rolled their truck. so i go out too help. get there see that there's cops there already .talk too the people that crashed everything is ok. i turn around and leave...well i find out later that they were more interested in me than what happened there.. who is he? why was he here? why did he leave? is that his truck? on and on.... i geuss the dumbasses couldnt figure out that it was after 12 and i have too work in the mornin so imnot about too stand around a logginf road just too watch a truck get put on a trailer...everyimt i run into rcmp i lose more and more faith in that" gang"...:t-dwn:
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This is something else
You know the cups are like that
If you would of say to them, That someone on your board asked members to help there would be no questions asked
RCMP is worst than cops, when it comes to questioning people

You haven't met the London locals...overated babysitters here.
You haven't met the London locals...overated babysitters here.

I drive a class 1A truck and quickly found out most DOT are not fun and ;ack a sense of humor when driving you are in a semi. The problem is I'm quite sarcastic and every once in a while I can get myself into awee bit trouble,,,:smk:
I learned quickly that the only correct answer with DOT and customs is yes sir/mam or no sir/mam.
yeah dot and customs you dont want to piss them off i was searched ripped my car apart then made me fix it some bitca$$$
thats Bullshiz. i would have to hold back with everything i had if they tore apart my ride and then made me pay to have it fixed. i know if i lost it on them then it would just cost me more and more for i would keep loosin it on em lol. well im a go calm down. thinkin about the 5-0 just pisses me off...*cough* lol *cough*
they are stupid reject city cops. they have no sense of humor at all. I got stopped at a road block and and the cop asked me if i had been drinking, i pointed to my case of beer and said no not yet. she asked me to get out of my truck and made me count backwards and stand on one foot. the case of beer was unopened
I would refuse to do it
But thats a funny story

I was stopped one early evening on my old motorcycle. They had been chasing me half way across town, only sounding the siren when they were on my back wheel. I was moving along pretty good and did not know they were closing in for the kill. :) It just so happens they pulled me over in front of my apartment building.
One has my license and my insurance papers as the other asks me if I had been drinking. I reply I'm on my way to the bar get me when i'm going the other way. He looks a little pissed, but asks me where do I live. I looked him straight in the eye and slowly raise my right arm and point to the closest building that we are infront of. He takes a deep breath and is about to say some thing nasty when his partner says " he's right he does live in that building" . It was all I could do to keep a straight face... no ticket but it was pretty funny.
Late one night I deside to go to Timmys and get nabbed in a RIDE program. Once I get up to the cop he asks if I've been drinking. So I say "come on look at me, I'm wearing a Batman sweat shirt, track pants and slippers, (plus a large coffee and bag O donuts) what do you think?". Tells me to go!
I find it funny how quickly people like to rag on the cops because they may have stepped on your toes at one point, cops are human just like the rest of us, it just so happens that their job has alot more rules and regulations that they have to follow...
Yes like everything in the world there are bad cops just like there are bad people, but overall most of them become cops to try and make a difference....
So next time you want to whine and complain because a cop asks you if you have been drinking.... be glad they are at least checking cause they may save your loved ones life some day but taking that drunk off the road.
Nuff said, and I imagine I will get some colorfull responses but you know what I've said my peice and I dont want to get in any pissin matches over it.
Well said Mtn, we all have had good and bad experiences with the boys in blue... I think if you just answer the questions and show some respect, for the most part your on your way really quick....
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