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you guys got some wicked pics in here. thought i would add some of mine...

my chevy in one of our rare snowy winters....

from the drivers seat...

mud drags last yr...hey look whos beatin a

this is the decal on the back of the blazer...

at our favourite lake..

my dog Orlan waitin for a ride.... lets go dad...

my blazer when i " finished" it...

whos that clown?

this is my buddy who passed away a couple new years ago ( RIP buddy)..he slid off a logging road in the snow on new years eve...the story behind this pic is he was sittin in the water by the shore in his truck.. i came racin by tryin too splash him but ended up washing him out too the lake...

ford action

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got lockers??????????

my wife with our great dane female pup...

Orlan and Molly... 2 yr old pic..

Molly last year.... need newer pic.. shes bigger

speakin of the wife... holidays may long couple yrs ago..

her tattoo i got her for christmas last yr..

me and a good buddy campin...

sunset pic from the wife and i's fav campin spot..

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my old protege that i built...

the stereo.. 3000 watts those r 16's...

halloween one yr.. ran over freddy...

some shots of a drained ( usually damned) lake bed..

thats it for now.. see what happens when i get bored and the wife is watchin girl
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those are great shoots. Something to be proud of


those are pretty cool photos! glad to see you know how to have fun!
Nice pics, the snow one is cool. I miss winter!
looking damn good, those are some nice dogs man.
mmm stave mud... nice shots there heavy
hey man.. thought i recognized the name... welcome... its a pretty casual place
yea man... B used to be pretty damn shiney eh?? how long did that last haha
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