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Hey Folks

I guess its time I introduce myself.
I never had a ford in my life. My father died in October and I inherited his pick up truck and ATV.
As my father was not using it much(about 2000k) in 5 years, my ranger is a 1998 with 106k on it. 64 I have put myself. My father bought it used at 100k

He used to park his truck inside all winder and get it out on May 1st and put it away on Oct 30th.

Last year he took it out. Went in hospital and never got out.
So, the engine is in great condition but there are little things that keep breaking on it.

I am an internet freak..but not much mechanically incline so I search and find ways to fix it myself. I think it will be much more fun this summer when it is warm.

So.. that was my intro....

Will try to visit often..


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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