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Torque Converter - Explorer

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Has anyone had a problem with the torque converter in 2002 and newer 4.6l Explorers? I'm experiencing a chatter sound in the first three gears. When you're in the higher gears, the converter seems to lock in and the sound (a chatter type) goes away. It also isn't there when the truck has started from cold. Shifting does not seem affected. Any opinions?
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I had an Explorer with similar problem (my was noisy all the time) my went around 180,000km
We change converter and oil and there was no more noise
We pick up a used converter from scrap yard from crashed explorer, It was cheaper than overhauling Transmission at Mr.T.
Is your noise coming from converter or diffs
Start up your truck when is nice and warm and double check it
Noise should be there by just putting in gear
(make sure you block your wheels)

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