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Do any of you guys or gals have any Unibody trucks?
I have a 61 Mercury unibody shortbox a 61 Ford F100 unibody shortbox and a 63 F100 unibody longbox and a 66 Mercury Shortbox Stepside and a 64 F100Longbox Fleetside and a 62 F100 longbox on a 76 F100 4X4 Highboy Chassis and a 78 F250 4X4 highboy:icon_eek:
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exactly how many trucks do you own???

Damn, I never knew Ford made those truck unibodies! Now that I think about it, I remember something about that but thats too cool. Off to Google! LR Probably a well known site, but a cool read anyhow. LR
My son have an original sales brochure from '61 I think about those unibody Ford in his bedroom...
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