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Wanna Fly British Airways?

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British Airways has issued an apology to a first class passenger on a flight from Delhi to London last week who woke up to find himself next to a dead body.
The cabin crew had used an unoccupied seat in his row for the body of an elderly woman who had died in the crowded economy section about three hours after takeoff.
Paul Trinder, 54, told the Mirror and Sun tabloids that he woke at 30,000 feet to discover the flight crew strapping the body into the seat near him.
"I woke to see the cabin crew manoeuvring what looked like a sack of potatoes into the seat. Slowly, through the darkness, I realized it was a body," the businessman told the paper.
"The corpse was strapped into the seat, but because of turbulence it kept slipping down onto the floor ... It was horrific. The body had to be wedged in place with lots of pillows."
He said the woman's daughter was also moved up to first class, grieving and weeping until the plane touched down five hours later.
According to the Guardian newspaper, this is not the first time British Airways has dealt with an in-flight death this way.
In November, an American passenger died halfway through a six-hour flight from London to Boston. His body was covered with a blanket in a reclining seat in first class, which was 20 per cent empty.
Other first class passengers in the Boeing 747 jumbo flight to London told the Guardian that there appeared to be no other system to deal with the tragedy, which happens an average of 10 times a year on BA flights
Trinder, a BA gold card customer who estimates he flies 200,000 miles a year, said that in the future he will choose any airline but BA when given the opportunity.
The airline said the crew had been trying to minimize the disruption caused by the incident.

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Note to self: Don't fly British Airways.
Or if you too chip and you don't want to pay for first class just fly BA and pretend that you are dead,
They will move you to first class at no charge


Good way to save the fare. I can see it now:

"O.K., just climb in this sack and play dead for 6 hours.....I'll let you out when we reach Hethrow" :lol:
I really don't see the problem,

what else are tehy gonna do with her? Put her by the food? mmmmm tastes good.....
She'd still be warmish, not yet bloating. I'd be okay with it...

but it raises teh question, if your that close to death, why the heck are you flying anyways?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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