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wax in grey do i get it out??

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I waxed the truck a while back and i didn't do the best job possible with the polisher. I ended up getting some wax on the bed handle, and on the plastic that surrounds the top of the bed.

Now i have some white residue in the plastic.
How do i get it looks like crap!!!!
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Try a quick or show detailer
i was told to use armour-all, and it works great!
i was also told to use a toothbrush...i didn't try it, but ppl say it works.
i'm sure i'll do this again, next time i wax, so i'll try my mothers showtime detailer.
It will still be on there.... Once you get any wax on the black plastic trim or claddings it is very hard to get off....

I suggest washing the areas by hand with a rag and some dawn soap and then hit is with some Aerospace 303 as it works better than Mothers Back to Back.

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I used Spray Nine, with a none scratch SOS pad.. pretty much took all of it out.
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