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What Radio?

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Hey All,

Let us know what radio you have in your truck.
For me
My old truck had Pioneer Z2
my new truck has Factory GPS

Love them both

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I am not sure what model # BUT I have a Pioneer head unit w/CD!!!!

In the past I have had either Pioneer or Kenwood stereos in my vehicles!!!!
now: Pioneer AVIC-Z2-
had: Pioneer DEH-P9800BT

Z2 is nice because it looks very clean and flush.. almost stock.. :)

9800BT was nice because of the audio tunability!
Whatever came from the factory for the 97, radio/tape deck :icon_lol:
panasonic single din motorized touch screen dvd
I dont listen to the Radio , I just sing everywhere I go :icon_lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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