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Sometimes I waste days playing web games. Not shoot em up stuff, but thinking man's games... Today I've been playing a horserace game and now I totally want to go to the racetrack; I've developed the perfect betting strategy:

I pick a good horse (good odds) with an average jockey (good win rate) on the rail, then i pick a slower horse (weaker odds) with a great jockey (very high win rate). Let's call these horse #1, and #2.
When I stand at the betting window I say, ' dollar exactor box bet, horse #1 and #2'. This means that it doesn't matter which horse comes in first or second (its essentially two bets) and because its a $1 bet I only pay $2.00 total. The value here is the exactor combination is always difficult to win and therefore pays large $$. The one dollar box exactor bet is a cheap ticket to a big payout.

What's your horse race betting ritual?
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