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Wheelin pics in Bradford.

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Welltoday i went wheelin with a friend in Bradford, y other buddy who said was coming bailed out cuz his truck took in water when he went to mudfest on the weekend. So i kept it local and just had some fun! Enjoy!

yea i was checking the depth of this one hole and didnt look wherei was putting my foot and thump! sunk right in the mud!

that mud was bout 4 inches from the rocker panel!

and theres lovely mudhole i went through! :)

truck just gettin filthy.

I cant see!! lol

Me and my rig.

the only clean part of the truck.
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swamp mud was 1/2 inch thick!

mud pie anyone??

this was at my friends house, there was so much mud in the gine bay the truck started overheating!:b

mmmm coolant!

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This looks like fun
would love to see it in action

Maybe we should have a meet there
That would be cool:scrch:

funny you say that, i have a vid of going through a different hole :)) ill post it up tmw cuz i dont have time now and im gettin bit**** at.:b

and a meet up here would be awesome!! its really not that bad, one of the holes i went through in2wd the whole time and didnt have a problem, its a fairly easy wheelin ground, wont have to worry bout breakin stuff, plus the actual town is 5 mins away so theyres food and bathrooms to go to if need be.
Looks like a fun day!

heres a lil vid of the truck goin through a hole, my friend was too scared of gettin covered in oud so he kept far.
right on dude...looks like ya had fun...good too see a truck being used as a truck!
lol..I love how the rear licence plate is held on with zip ties....Now to make it a Red Green Edition truck ya gots ta use duct tape lol.
looks like you had a lot of fun out their it be fun to get a 4x4 as were i work we get mud holes all the time and if we get stuck we have equipment to pull the truck out
Looks like fun!! Definitely need action shots next time. Haha!

By the way, the video link doesn't work?
Looks like fun!! Definitely need action shots next time. Haha!

By the way, the video link doesn't work?
Link is fixed

That thing will scream with 5.0 in it

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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