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well took the ford out on a lil tri[p on sunday. was fun.. no damage.. just a lil more bc pinstriping...:icon_biggrin:

pics and vids...
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Don't GO my beer is on the tire:icon_twisted:
Well done nice videos, and again another this time a winter GTG

Dayum nice looking truck you got there did you see by chance the kokaneeee patrol while you were out hahaha kidding
you get hassled for headlight covers at all ???
havent been hasseled yet.. but i diconnected mt DRL's and use my fogs for headlights...
You sohuld come down to Edmonton do i got a lift for you
You sohuld come down to Edmonton do i got a lift for you

spent three yrs in calgary....

nothin personal but odnt have much use for the huge useless lifts...

check out my buggy build thread... thats what i am into.. real world wheelin...not look how tall/ big my truck is... my blazer is only 6" lift on 39.5's and have still rolled it twice and flopped three i said.. nothin personal bud... just my 2 cents... yo
You have a lift in Edmonton? Tell me more lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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