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So this having no heated mirrors and no rear defrost is driving me nutts..

I was on the ford site and found out that
It's an optional add-on for the FX4 and XTR

standard FX4 Plus and Lairat edition trucks..

Also that you don't need to have a rear window defrost to make it work..

-Who has side mirrors that are heated?
-How do u activate them?
-Seperate switch?
-Where's it located?

I want to try and find out if the truck is pre-wired for them and if I can add them and the switch to get the upgrade!! :icon_biggrin:

I think the rear window will be expensive to do.. but I just need 1 or the other too see.. basically.. when the side windows are frosted/fogged and the back window fogs up..
I can't see nothin!!

Any info you know about them.. let me know..


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Heated mirrors are great
My truck has electronic climate control
so may not be able to help you out with a button location
But when I did some checking I was told that all the trucks with turning signals in the mirror have the harness there
Here is my


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Okay.. hmm..

I think I gotta take my mirror off..

I wondering if the wiring for digital climate controls is the same as manual..
I know there isn't any manual cables or vaccum lines.. It's just wiring..

So Im assuming this is your rear window/side mirror defrost button?

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i got the little botton that means i have heated mirrors no? dont know if i got them on the back window too :S
what ever you do don't press it with passenger in it hahaahhaa it will eject him lmao. :icon_biggrin:

as for your heated mirrors no theres extra wires in the din plug in your mirror, if you want heated your going to have to re wire back to electrical harness an add the proper wiring and mirrors for it

I've bin doing a mod changing my 04 mirrors to 07 so they can fold we only so far can get the mirrors to move to adjust and heat having problems getting them to fold :)
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