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Yet another newb

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Hey Guys, looks like you've got another newbie on your hands. Saw a link over at F150online.

Take Care,
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No Rick, not a serious one. I go a couple times a year. I'm a snowmobiler though - that's how I came across that picture. Got a bit of time to check out new forums eh ;)?
LOL, I did. Wanna see what I was banned for? That Stealth clown reported it.
Who would I ask on here if I can post this pic first? I was banned for posting porn. It's not exactly what I'd define as porn though scrc!
After a pm with a member over there (who I had to pm on another board because I can't pm there anymore) I found that Stealth actually has quite the rat reputation.
If I can post this pic, I'll let you be the judge.
Ya, he posted that he reported you for posting porn. I never saw the picture so I can't comment.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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